Lightning Counter

The 1-Wire Lightning sensor we use is very sensitive to noise.
More than likely you will see a few "strikes" an hour however this is probably noise generated by appliances in the household and lights etc turning off and on.
When a storm approaches there will be many strikes recorded.
We have now installed a Boltek Lightning Detector which is more accurate, can place the strikes on a map and determine the type of strike occurred..
The below info is provided from the 1-Wire Lightning Dector.
Auckland Lightning counter
See the Weather Station Info page for more details and example.
The below info is provided from the Boltek Lightning Detector.
You will generally see more strikes shown on this Image due to the Boltek being able to picking up more distant strikes up to ≈1200km away. "Noise" unlike the 1-Wire sensor will not be shown.
NexStorm Lightning counter