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Outdoor Temp
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The Soil Temp Sensor is buried at a depth of 10cm
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Leaf Wetness Sensor 

Spikes on the Leaf Wetness Sensor will be common in the summer months around 6pm due to the vege garden being watered. 
Any passing rain showers will also make the sensor spike. Leaf Wetness is measured from 0 (dry) to 15 (wet) 

Soil Moisture Sensor

The Soil Moisture Sensor shows how much moisture is currently in the soil.
Soil moisture tension is measured from 0 (saturated) to 200 (dry) centibars.

 Solar Hot Water Temperature sensor

The Solar Hot Water Temperature sensor is on our Solarhart hot water system which is on the roof.
The majority of our hot water is free especially during summer months.
The temp sensor is mounted on the side of the tank, the same level as the Thermostat for electric backup.
Typically you should see the temp rise when we have sunny periods.
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