August 2016
Our Rain gauge has now been fixed after multiple issues.
A replacement 1-wire counter module was installed with a modification to remove the soldered on-board battery (it's now powered by the 1-wire network).
The internals should be as good as new now with the reed switch assembly previously been replaced. The switch assembly has liquid electrical tape applied to hopefully stop corrosion of electronics.
One of the other main causes for it to stop working is it clogging up with debries.
August/September 2015
Faulty Rain Gauge.
Our Rain gauge is waiting on replacement parts (reed switch assembly) ordered from the US and therefore maybe providing false measurements.
Expected fix is by the end of September. False data will be removed once fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Saturday 14th Dec 2013
Second Weather Camera's Installed.
Both of the StarDot NetCam XL 3MP IP Cameras have been installed. The Lens for the second Camera took a bit longer than expected to arrive.
Wednesday 19th Aug 2013
New Weather Camera's Purchased.
2x StarDot NetCam XL 3MP IP Cameras arrived today to replace the Axis camera's. The Axis Camera's are showing their age and one of them has stated playing up (Faulty Capacitors).
The new cameras will be installed in the next few weeks.
Wednesday 15th Feb 2012
Old Webam reinstall.
I have made use of my old D-Link WebCam and reinstalled it at an offsite location on Union Rd, Howick. Camera points towards Shelly Park and Whitford areas (Edit: Camera was removed late 2012).
Sunday 21st Aug 2011
New UV sensor has been installed.
The new UV sensor enclosure will be moved up onto the roof once it proves to be weather tight.
Tuesday 14th Aug 2011
Two new AXIS 2120 IP Cameras have been installed to replace the D-link camera.
These new cameras provide higher quality images and auto-iris for all Light conditions.
They have been mounted outdoors in enclosures under the eves.
Tuesday 19th Jun 2011
Humidity Sensor has finally been replaced. Unfortunally I havent had much time recently to fix it + doing repairs while the weather is good.
UV and Solar repair is still in progress.
Monday 6th Jun 2011
As you may have noticed the Humidity and just recently UV sensors have died.
New UV and Solar boards have been ordered. New Humidity Sensor Install in progress.
In this case the NZ's harsh elements have got the better of the hardware again! The copper traces have had some corrosion and therefore loosing connectivity, even after coating the boards in a Dielectric Silicone Compound
It's hard to buy and build quality enclosures for outside equipment, this time I'm going to try another design and try again.
Hopefully the equipment arrives in the next few weeks or so. I already have a new Temp/Humidity board and just need to set it up in the existing Solar Radiation Shield.
Friday 7th Jan 2011
The Boltek Stormtracker has arrived and been insalled. Data can be found here. The unit is still under calibration and a proper mounting of the Aerial yet to be dertimed. Yet another lenth of SFTP cable still has to run up to the loft.
Also updated layout of website.
Tuesday 22nd Dec 2010
The Weather Display PC has been upgraded to an Intel i3 3.2 GHz CPU and Motherboard. This is to prepare the machine to take the New Boltek Lightning Detector PCI Card. 
Friday 10th Dec 2010
New Barometer and Temp/Humidity Boards have arrived.
The Barometer has been installed and is now working, however it will be calibrated over the next few days.
The Temp/Humidity board will be installed over the next few weeks while I design the new enclosure system for it.
Wednesday 8th Dec 2010
The bad luck continues...
We had an Internet outage due to Chorus installing Cabinets in the area. This website was down for two days.
Monday 29th Nov 2010
Ok... Not a good week for Shelly Park Weather Station with a few devices failing...
Barometer has slowly failed over the past few days. I Have purchased a new one - waiting for it to arrive. Not sure what when wrong with it and the board was kept indoors. It may have been something with a few power surges we have had recently, however the system is protected by UPS.
The Outdoor Humidity also failed (New Zealand's Weather got the best of it with corrosion) but has been since replaced with a spare board.
When I get the new Humidity and Temp board I will seal it in a container and mount the sensors remotely from the board in the Solar Radiation Shield.
Sunday 21st Nov 2010
Purchased a Boltek StormTracker lightning detector. This will be setup in the New Year.
Sunday 3rd Oct 2010
Installed the Solar Hot Water Temperature sensor. This can be viewed under Temperature on the second temp graph.
Sunday 18th Jul 2010
Wind Speed sensor stopped working, whole unit replaced. The reed switch in the unit must have failed, stuck closed. Now working.
Tuesday 15th Jun 2010
UV sensor has been fixed and is working again. The Solar and UV enclosure will be moved to a better/higher location when possible.
Wednesday 24th Mar 2010
Power Usage Meter working. It's the blue line on Wind Direction graph on main screen.
Thursday 25th Mar 2010
Soil Moisture Sensor working. This can be found on the Extra Temperature/Sensor graphs.
Friday 1 Jan 2010
Happy New Year! It's a new Year so Weather information like yearly temp, wind, rain min/max records and graphs get reset.
Wednesday 30 Dec 2009
The Fan Aspirated Outdoor Temp and Humidity shield has been made and setup outside. Temps are looking much better. Please look under Weather Station Info for more details.
Sunday 6 Dec 2009
1-wire Soil Moisture and Leaf Sensor installed. Calibration will continue over the next few weeks.
Saturday 28 2009
1-Wire Soil Temp Sensor Installed.
Sunday 22nd Nov 2009
Most of the updates of the Weather Display software have been done and are working successfully. Much more stable
The old La-Crosse Station is now disconnected.
Tuesday 10th Nov 2009
Major upgrades to Weather Display Software for 1-Wire Network.
Sunday 11th Oct 2009
Added New Zealand Earthquake RSS feeds onto website, data sourced from
Thursday 10th Sep 2009
The new 1-Wire UV sensor arrived. Will be a little while before its installed due to trying to find the best solution to mount the sensor in a waterproof enclosure but let the UV light through. Most glass and plastics will block the UV light.
Wednesday 19th Aug 2009
New 1-Wire Wind speed and Direction aerometer has been installed. Wind direction should near 100% accurate; Wind speed according to manufacturing specs would be within +/- 4% when winds are above 10mph or 16kmh.
Monday 17th Aug 2009
New 1-Wire Rainwise rain gauge has been installed. We had rain the first night and it recorded well. 
Saturday 16th Aug 2009
Webserver has been upgraded to a HP ML330 G3 - Intel Xeon 3.06GHz with 2GB ram. Loading pages sould be faster now.
Friday 12th Aug 2009
Added more info about the 1-Wire Sensors in detail on website. Made new bracket for the 1-Wire Rain Guage.
Friday 11th Aug 2009
Made new bracket for the 1-Wire Wind Anemometer.
Friday 7th Aug 2009
The new 1-Wire sensors arrived. We had to pay extra to release the items out of New Zealand Customs. New sensors will hopefully be installed over the next few weeks. A Solar Radiation Shield is still yet to be brought or made to house the outdoor Temp/Humidity sensor.
Tuesday 21 July 2009
Website redesign. Added more links. Divided the website up for improved look, loading speed and an easy menu to navigate.
Friday 10 July 2009
New 1-Wire parts ordered to improve accuracy. 2 x Humidity/Temp 1 x Rain Gauge w/Counter 1 x Anemometer Inspeed