About: 1-Wire Wind Sensors

Model: Anemometer Inspeed
Purpose: Provides Wind Speed and Direction
Purchased from: www.hobby-boards.com
Anemometer = Wind Speed
Wind vane = Wind Direction
  • Anemometer with 3 cup rotor measures wind speeds of 3 to 125+ MPH. Rugged Delrin body with bronze and Rulon bushings. Sapphire bearing to minimize wear.
  • Wind vane uses Hall effects. Wind direction resolution higher than one degree. Zero dead band - many potentiometer wind vanes have a dead spot of several degrees - this device has no dead band at all. Near-zero friction - since the magnet is not in contact with the Hall sensor, there is no friction from the sensor. Virtually infinite life - unlike potentiometers that wear out, the magnetic Hall sensor is non-contacting and should theoretically last forever. Weather-resistant casing protect bearings and electronics.
  • 25 feet of exterior grade wire for each sensor.
  • 1-Wire controller board with screw terminals for easy connection of the device. Onboard is a 1-Wire Counter for Wind Speed (DS2423) and a 1-Wire A/D converter (DS2438) which provides Wind Direction by measuring the voltage output of the Wind vane.
  • Controller board case.
Wind direction should near 100% accurate; Wind speed according to manufacturing specs would be within +/- 4% when winds are above 10mph or 16kmh.


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Completed Install:

1-Wire ADS controller
The LED on this box lights up every time the Anemometer goes round once.
LED is connected between the Counter A and GND terminals with a resistor in series.
1-Wire ADS

Before Install:

To seal the sensor I have used a rubber compound sealant (red in colour) to protect the wire joins from the environment. Silver tape used to balance the unit. Before it was balanced the bronze weight would otherwise fall to the lowest point which could undesired results.

Side View

To attach the wind speed sensor to the TV aerial mast I had to make a new bracket made out of aluminium. It has purposely been made longer than the Wind Direction unit to reduce any interference from the TV aerials itself. It was not possible to use the supplied vertical bracket because out UHF aerial is at the very top of the mast.


Top View 

The Controller Unit. Grey cable is from the Anemometer, Black cable from the Wind vane.