About: 1-Wire Rain Gauge

Model: Rain Gauge with 1-Wire counter.
Purpose: Measures rainfall.
Purchased from: www.hobby-boards.com
Details: This is the RAINEW rain gauge by www.RainWise.com, with a 1-Wire counter (DS2423) installed. The 8" diameter collector meets National Weather Service (NWS) specifications for statistical accuracy. Every time the bucket tips, a count is transmitted to the counter device and the gauge empties. Unlike manual rain gauges, you never have to empty the gauge. Each tip of the bucket counts 0.01 inches (approximately 0.25 mm) of rain.


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Completed Install:


Before Install:

View Side on.

Top View

The White bucket tips side to side once full causing the magnet to pass by the reed switch. A reed switch is a switch which closes when a magnet gets close enough.
View of the magnet and reed switch (Glass tube).

Plywood board before getting stained and mounted outdoors.