About: 1-Wire 6 Channel Master Hub

Model: 1-Wire 6 Channel Master Hub
Purpose: Provides connectivity to 6 separate 1-wire networks to a PC
Purchased from: www.hobby-boards.com
The 1-Wire 6 Channel Master Hub is the heart of the 1-Wire Weather Network. It has 6 Ports which you can plug 1-Wire Networks into. It connects to a PC via a Serial Port (RS-232). With 1-Wire you don’t want to create a “single network” witch looks like a star topology instead you need to daisy chain sensors. In our case trying to daisy chain all the sensors into a single network was unrealistic as I would need to use double the amount of cable. By using the Hub you can still have the star topology with the hub as the centre. The Hub creates the 6x single networks which gets switched on and off in sequence by the Weather-Display software. Only one of the ports on the hub should be active at any time once which is why the software controls this. At Shelly Park Weather Station we will have 4x 1-Wire networks all connecting into a separate port on the Hub. The Hub is also a power injector so it’s great way to Power all the Weather Sensors on the network.
Click here to see a short video of the Hub in operation, controlled by Weather Display


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Hobby-Boards 1-Wire Master Hub. Bottom Left connectors: Power input 18v and Serial (RS-232) to Weather PC