About: 1-Wire Barometer

Model: Barometer
Purpose: Measures atmospheric pressure.
Purchased from: www.hobby-boards.com
A Barometer measures atmospheric pressure. Generally when you have high pressure the weather should be fine and more stable, while low pressure indicates that storms are more likely.
The Hobby-Boards Barometer reads pressure from 948-1083 mb and is very accurate when compared with the Auckland Air Port station. It's resolution is approximately 0.01 inHg (0.34 mb). This barometer is based on a design by Tim Bitson and uses the MPXA4115 Motorola Pressure Sensor.
When using the 1-Wire Barometer, place the unit in a location where you have the least amount of temperature changes. I have found it can vary with temperature change. In my case I re-calibrate the unit every summer & winter. i.e. The worst place for a barometer would in the loft.


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Hobby-Boards 1-Wire Barometer

Inside View

1-Wire Barometer inside virew
1-Wire Barometer Inside View