About: 1-Wire Lightning Counter

Model: Lightning Counter
Purpose: Counts lightning strikes
Purchased from: www.hobby-boards.com
It counts using a simple antenna circuit which sends pulses to the DS2423 1-Wire counter chip whenever a lightning strike happens.
It has a 60cm Aerial connected directly to the Lightning Detector board and another wire which connects to our TV aerial grounding.
This circuit is not entirely accurate as some background noises (i.e. turning on lights and motors etc) may trigger as strikes. If the graph records 1 or 2 strikes every hour or so this will more that likely be noise.
Below is a image of when Auckland had an average lighting storm on the 28/08/2009. You can see at the start of the evening no strikes recorded, but when the storm moved closer and moved away again the graph recorded this.
1-Wire Lighting Sensor Front
1-Wire Lightning Sensor - Back
1-Wire Lightning Sensor - Back