About: 1-Wire Outdoor Temp and Humidity

Model: Fan Aspirated Outdoor Temp and Humidity Solar Radiation Shield
Purpose: Provides true Outdoor Temp and Humidity with out the influence from the suns radiation or other heat sources.
Purchased from: Custom Made
This Custom shield made is out of 6 plastic breakfast bowls which 4 have had the bottoms drilled out and the rims removed. To hold the bowls together I have used round 8cm storm water pipe which has had many holes drilled in it to allow the air to get to the 1-Wire Hobby-Boards Temp/Hum Sensor inside.
The Fan and exhaust is located between the two bottom shields. The Fan is a 12v 8cm computer fan however I use a 9v regulator so the fan does not run at full speed. The regulator is also needed because the 1-wire network provides 19volts of power which would fry the fan.
The regulator has two ceramic 1.0uf capacitors on the input and output to ground. This is a requirement for the voltage regulator.
I would recommend an 24/7 Fan Aspirated Shield over any other. If using a solar powered model you might notice temperature variances when the fan stops.

Fan Aspirated Solar Radiation Shield Installed



The making of the Fan Aspirated Solar Radiation Shield - The bowls being spray painted

 The making of the Fan Aspirated Solor Radiation Shield


The making of the Fan Aspirated Solar Radiation Shield - The Insides


Fan 9v Regulator, Caps and Heat sync