About: Web Cam's

Model: 2x StarDot NetCam XL 3MP IP Camera
AXIS 2120
AXIS 2120
  • Provides 2048x1536 (3.1 Megapixel) Resolution
  • Micron 1/2” CMOS sensor, 2048x1536 RGB, Frame Transfer, 225 FPS
  • Exposure range: 1/100,000 second - 1.3 seconds
  • Auto/manual exposure, auto/manual colour balance, sharpening, auto/manual haze
  • DC-Iris lens for optimal image quality in outdoor light conditions
  • Contrast enhancement, gamma correction
  • Customizable date/time/text overlay
  • Image format: JPEG, adjustable quality / filesize
  • Lens Mount: Industry standard CS-Mount, C-Mount possible with adapter
  • uClinux operating system
  • Motorola Coldfire CPU
  • 10/100-baseT Ethernet, RJ-45
Rugged Network Camera offers High Definition Resolution at Streaming Video Speeds
Built on StarDot's proven NetCam technology, the NetCam XL series of network cameras combines high resolution imaging with streaming video speeds, all in a rugged all-temperature package.
Features include compatibility with both standard DC auto iris lenses and motorized zoom lenses, sophisticated integrated video motion detection and the ability to attach a weather station and display the current weather data on the live image.

Image Processing - From the Camera to the Intenet:

The ShellyPark.co.nz web server runs a custom made PHP image handler script so users can see the very latest image direct from the cameras.
The script can also resize the images on the fly.
Because the camera has to "create" the image and the image hander script for every request there can be a small delay while the image is processed.

Camera Power:

To power the cameras we have a Cisco 3560 PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch which sends power over Ethernet Cat5e network Cabling.
At the camera end of the structured cabling we have a TP-Link PoE splitter Model:TL-POE10R which reduces the 48V DC sent by the Switch to 12V DC for the Camera. The splitter can provide up to 12V @ 1Amp.
In summertime the temperatures in the loft can get over 50 degrees. PoE is a safer way to provide power instead of using 230V power adaptors (wall warts) in the loft space which have a risk of overheating.


Camera 1 which is the wide angle shot has a Computar 1/2" HG2Z0414FC-MP 3 Megapixel Vari-Focal F1.4 4-8mm DC-Iris CS-Mount lens attached.
Camera 2 which is the high zoom shot has a Fujinon 1/2" DV10x8SA-SA1L 3 Megapixel Vari-Focal F1.4 8-80mm (10x optical Zoom) DC-Iris C-Mount lens attached.
Latest Image below which is at full telescopic zoom setting at 80mm: