About: La-Crosse WS-2350 - Old Station

The old Station:

La-Crosse WS-2350:

The La-Crosse WS-2350 Weather Station consists of 4 Parts.
  1. The Console.
  2. Wind Sensor (Aerometer)
  3. Rain Sensor
  4. Thermo-Hydro Sensor (Data Transmitter for Wind and Rain Sensors)


Information collected using the La-Crosse WS-2350:

  • Indoor and outdoor temperature
  • Indoor and outdoor relative humidity
  • Dew point temperature
  • Air pressure (barometer)
  • Wind velocity
  • Wind direction
  • Precipitation



Pics of the station

(Click for larger image)

La-Crosse WS-2350:

The Console :
Note: The silver wire is the Serial Cable to the web server to generate website data.


 Wind Sensor :



Rain Gauge : Note: Older weather station rain gauge is on the left.



Thermo-Hydro Sensor :

Note: Older weather station outdoor temp sensor is on the top. This is also a wireless transmitter if the console cable is not used. The only reason why I use cable connection over wireless is that the cable option updates faster, every 8 seconds.


Note: Cables Left to Right - 'Rain Sensor' - 'Connection to Console' - 'Wind Sensor'