About: Boltek StormTracker

The Boltek StormTracker is an PCI card which fits inside of the Weather Display PC and is connected to a external aerial allowing us to tell if lightning is near but also to see where it is on a Map. The StormTracker detects lightning strikes up to 1200km away and plots them in real time on a map. NexStorm is the software we use to grab the data from the card, process it, store it and then show it on the map. The StormTracker can also determine whether the strike is a ±Intercloud, Cloud to Ground or Ground to Cloud strike. This is shown as +IC –IC +CG –CG.
The StormTracker works by detecting the radio signals produced by lightning. These are the same signals you can hear on an AM radio during a thunderstorm. StormTracker's direction-finding antenna provides direction information while storm distance is calculated from received signal strength. Special processing in software reduces the effects of strike-to-strike energy variations providing more accurate distance information.
The StormTracker's antenna is a small black box (3"x2"x1-1/2") which can be mounted indoors (in a wood framed house for example) or outdoors. The antenna is mounted in the loft as high as possible, away from large metal objects and sources of electrical noise such as televisions and computer monitors.
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Boltek StormTracker PCI Card Front
Boltek StormTracker PCI Card Side
Boltek StormTracker PCI Card Back